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About Kevin...

A professional sound system provides me with the perfect level of audio coverage while minimizing the amount of space required in your establishment.  I can provide stage lighting if necessary and the Kevin Russell Music L.L.C. tax ID eliminates any uncomfortable financial arrangements. 

Musical selections ranging from John Denver and Johnny Cash to Green Day and the Plain White T's provide a diverse sonic backdrop and I gladly take requests from patrons.   

I'm very comfortable interacting with the audience creating a fun environment for all.   Feel free to check out the CONTACT page for reviews from some of my clients. 

Hi there.  Hope life is good where you are.  I could give you the same old blah-blah-blah about when I started my musical career and who some of my influences were, but let's get real.  You need to know if I'll help your venue or event by providing great entertainment.  

I've been at this since I was 10 so I've had a LONG time to work on my craft.  Reading the crowd to determine what atmosphere I need to create is a skill I have developed over time.  The four options I offer range from solo artist to a 5-piece full band accommodating all budgets and event requirements.  

Call today for availability and booking!

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